If you are reading this you must have clicked on the About tab. This means you are here to read about a site that posts about TV. You are in deep, and you you probably can’t leave now.


TV & Jelly started because its supreme leader, Meg Walter, needed to fill her time after she was kicked off of her competitive speed cross-stitching team when she was caught doping. She quickly wandered the land to find a group of writers too afraid to tell her no. Now those writers contribute to this site by watching an absurd amount of television so you don’t have to.


Our writers strive ardently to keep up to date on reality television programming, Netflix binging, prime time soap operas, and summer blockbusters with so many plot holes they will make you want to renounce your American citizenship.


On a serious note, at least once a week every contributor has a crisis of conscious when they reflect on the possibility of their posterity one day finding TV & Jelly and feeling ashamed by the amount of time their ancestors spent writing about the Kardashians in 2016 (or whatever year it is now- we don’t update this page often).


We invite you to stick around and mock The Bachelor, HGTV, Survivor, and all the latest programming with us. Even if you hate reading, you can still join us at the TV & Jelly podcast where you can verify that, just as you suspected, we all have the same voice as Tina from Bob’s Burgers.