If Some Guy Named Kirk Tells You To See Dunkirk, Tell Him, “Done, Kirk.”

Dunkirk is a good movie and I’m annoyed that it’s a good movie because not liking Christopher Nolan movies is an essential part of my identity and now I’m like who even am I?

Dunkirk is a lot less Nolan-y that the other Nolan movies. It’s less pseudo-philosophical and much more, makes-sense-ical. If you email me and say Interstellar is a good movie and I’m just not deep enough to get it I WILL MEET YOU OUTSIDE, ANYTIME, AND WE CAN DUKE IT OUT.

Dunkirk is not a perfect movie, because it’s not Mean Girls, but it is a very good movie with only one major flaw: If you don’t pay very close attention to the text on screen at the film’s beginning(s), you will be very confused. And you know what? I’m going to do you a favor and tell you what I wish someone had told me prior to my viewing: Dunkirk is not a linear film. There are three different stories taking place in three different time frames. The men on the beach are living one week of their lives (except those who die, SPOILER, they’re living a little less), the men on the boat are living one day of their lives, and the men in the air are living one hour of their lives.  The film makes a lot more sense when you’ve got that in your head.

I’m not a big war movie gal, so I haven’t seen a bunch, but of the war movies I have seen, I feel Dunkirk does the best job of portraying the simultaneous chaos, terror, and monotony of combat. Much of Dunkirk is men on the beach ducking whenever a bomber flies overhead because they have nowhere to run. All they can do is sit and wait and hope they aren’t killed. Can you even?

Also, of all the war movies I’ve seen, I believe Dunkirk is the best-cast. Many of the characters, especially the troops on the beach, look no older than 20. It’s an effective reminder that boys just fresh out of adolescence, and some still in it, were fighting and dying for their countries.

Plus, Harry Styles is very fun to look at.

You guys, he was born in 1994. I’m such a creep.

Plus plus, Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy is like truffle oil. Add him to anything and it’s better.

There’s a slew of other handsome faces in this movie, so mark that in the pro column. Along with some historians’ endorsements. In the con column you might add “lots of anxiety,” because Dunkirk is not a relaxing film. But I think it’s important to sometimes sit through something that reminds you how good you have it. A large popcorn helps.

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