The Big Sick- I’ve never been so grateful for hot NYC summers making me go to the movies

I like a lot of bad movies. I don’t tend to discriminate between cheesy made for tv movies from the early 2000s or dumb action movies whose target audience is usually a mix of 13 year old boys and my dad or any other genre of “bad you can think of. But The Big Sick is not a bad movie. It’s a really great movie. And unless you are a person offended by adults using the “f-word” I can think of no reason why anyone shouldn’t see it. And if the previous sentence describes you I would also recommend never coming to New York City.

As I was scrolling through instagram the other night an ad for The Big Sick popped up with a tagline claiming it was the most authentic or real romantic comedy ever. I scoffed. As a single 29 year old I couldn’t think of any romantic storylines that have felt even close to relatable. But guys, I’m here to eat my words, or rather my scoff. Because this movie is authentic and real and relatable. Like if you’ve ever laughed so hard at a joke that five minutes later you just start laughing uncontrollably to yourself, or if you’ve ever fought with the people you’ve loved and then sat and cried, or if you’ve ever gotten so mad you’ve knocked over a garbage can and then immediately regretted it and started apologizing and cleaning up the mess you’ve made, or if you’ve ever hated a stranger for being hateful, or if you’ve struggled with parents who can’t stop parenting, or if you’ve made a joke at the exact wrong moment or if you’ve felt any kind of cultural disconnect with something that you once thought was familiar or if you’ve learned to love someone, not even romantically but unexpectedly, or if you’ve really had to poop at someone’s house but you don’t know them very well, then you can relate. Because all of those things are real life and by the end of the movie you’ve cried from laughter and raw emotion. I want all of you to go see it.

(One of the top things I often miss about being in a relationship is reading on the same furniture as my person, they just keep nailing it.)

When that first ad popped up on instagram I was sure I had never seen Kumai Nanijani before. Then in the movie he recreates a standup bit he first did in 2008 and I was transported back 9 years to the old house I lived in in college where I sat at the dining room table and made everyone watch this Pakistani comedian. I think I even blogged about it because I was young and sure everyone wanted to know what I thought about everything. Guess he hit the big time. Probably from me sharing the video with everyone I ever knew.

Editor’s note: Kumail Nanjiani has, indeed, hit the big time and stars in Silicon Valley on HBO. He is also excellent on Twitter

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