Ten Surprising Facts About Survivor

1. Survivor contestants have dual citizenship. Before filming, every Survivor contestant is required to go through the rigorous process of becoming a citizen of the country in which the season is being filmed. As a result, the Survivor voting bloc in Palau was so formidable in 2007 that for a time most campaign promises had to do with offering hidden immunity.

2. Jeff Probst is replaced every four seasons. Survivor is currently using its ninth Jeff Probst in filming its upcoming season. Producers revolutionized the industry in deciding after its fourth season to replace the host with an identical replica rather than use Drew Carey.

3. Only 17 contestants have died while filming. In Survivor’s 34 seasons, not even two dozen Survivors have actually died, meaning that there are many seasons with no deaths. After producers outlawed cannibalism in season 3, the death rate significantly decreased. 2011 through 2014, during which no contestants were killed, is considered the Survivor “glory days” among superfans.

4. Survivor contestants are completely naked during all filming. Producers got sick of unintentional product advertisement on the clothing of contestants and so beginning in season 8, they required all contestants to be naked. Today, the show’s talented technicians use CGI to clothe contestants in the broadcasted clips.

5. Survivor edits out all ghosts. Although tedious, the show determined that the surprising amount of paranormal activity in each season served as too much of a distraction for viewers and so the show has opted to edit all of it out.

6. Although it is now 2017, Survivor has still not had one single female contestant. All of the show’s women are cast with men who have feminine features.

7. Every Immunity Idol is edible. In 34 seasons, no contestant has figured this out.

8. Season 22, Survivor Siberia, was canceled due to frostbite. Producers figured out by day seven that it was going to be too difficult to execute the pre-planned challenges with 20 amputees.

9. Richard Nixon is the only former U.S. president to make it to the jury.

10. Survivor contestants must be at least 9 years old to compete. Anti-discrimination laws, however, prevent producers from enforcing any weight restrictions. As a result, 10-year-old Samantha Viney from Turkishville Alabama is the smallest ever Survivor contestant to mud-wrestle a wild boar, weighing in at only 71 pounds. Samantha is also the youngest Survivor fatality.


  1. Amy Rose

    SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!! but seriously though, until I was probably an actual mother, I was such a skinny kid that no one could tell if I was male or female. I never knew it was because my true calling was to be on survivor. Is it too late for me?

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